Bio Ethics

Ethical issues raised by emerging genetic testing and research technologies

               Genetic testing has increased significant and as a result of discrimination by the society, employers, and insurance companies on the overall subject of genetic testing the discipline of ethics in genetics is significant (Lykens, Fulda 2008). The ethical issues raised by emerging genetic testing and research technologies are also known as the grand challenges in the future of genetic research technologies and testing. Some of these aspects include ethical issues that surround the approaches of genetic research conduct. This involves the specific technologies or methodologies that will be applied in order to enhance effectively in conducting the overall research on genetics. Another ethical implication involves genomics impacts on the aspect of group indentify, individual, ethnicity, race and kinship. Genomics have a high impact in terms of identity of an individual, the research technologies and the future genetic testing methodologies will be impacted by the Identity of the group in different approaches (Lykens, Fulda 2008).  As a result of individual cultures marked with differences on their views on genetic testing and technologies, this will apply as a significant ethical issue on individual difference in conjunction with religious and cultural views on the overall subject.

Ethics standards that should be in place for emerging and quickly advancing genomic sequencing technologies

               In genomic sequencing technologies the ethical standards are significant. The ethical standards that should be in place for emerging and quickly advancing genomic sequencing technologies include consent and autonomy, confidentiality, beneficence principle and finally fair access and equity. Consent and autonomy addresses the rights of the individuals to acknowledge the overall procedure including the rights of relatives and the age of the individual. Confidentiality as an ethical practice involves the aspect of creating awareness to people without genetic background.  The patient’s best interests serves as an ethical standard and addressed as a beneficence principle where by the patients best interest needs to be accessed. In this approach no harm is incurred to the patient and the benefits and risks of testing are offered.  Another significant ethical standard involves whether the technologies are in a position to offer fair access and equity to all patients and the information provided by the technologies enhance confidentiality especially in cases where the third party is involved.

Should you have control over your genetic material?

               The legal representation allows an individual to have control over their genetic material. Putting into consideration the options on gene material rights and property rights significant aspects are termed that allows individual to possess the right to control their genetic material. These include the legal restrictions to removal of, access to any material that contains genetic information. The legal protection on the use of genetic material that has been represented is an intellectual right to an individual.  

Should groups have control over genetic information taken from group members?

               According to the legal representation of genetic materials, groups should not possess the control over genetic information taken from group members this is because genetic material is not supposed to be accessed by the groups without the consent of the individual. Every individual possess the legal protection of genetic material that is represented and its recognition is significant. Laws on intellectual property are significant in offering the required protection to individuals concerning the owner of the genetic material and make the claim that is enhanced in accordance to the provision of the genetic material to the determinant.


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