Legalization of Drugs

The legalization of the use of illegal drugs is a global issue. Usually, drugs have various legal status, and in the US, a substance such as alcohol is legal with age as a limiting factor. Today, the number of drug abuse victims is worrying among school and college students and should be addressed because of its potential effects. According to statistics, it is stated that more than 70,000 people died in the US in 2018 because of taking an overdose of drugs (Rudd et al., 2016). In regards to this data, there is a need to overcome this challenge for a healthy environment, especially among the youths who are the main victims.

To manage the problem of drug abuse among the youths, it is important to create awareness and educate on the impacts of drugs. The program will cost about $25 million. First, the parents and teachers should be informed of the roles they can play in preventing students from becoming victims of drugs and substance abuse. Workshops should be organized together with some specific training in our learning institutions where different techniques and tools should be discussed with parents, teachers, and students for drug prevention. In addition, social media should be used to create this awareness and inform the people about the drawbacks of drugs.

Regarding this issue, I have purposed to ask the government and non-governmental organizations to take part in this program. I intend to go to some influential politicians and celebrities because they command a group of people, which can be of great help in this situation. The influence social media has on the people is important in this case since more than 70% of the population is using the internet daily. I consider the contribution of everyone interested to solve this problem. Drug abuse is among the challenges, which can contribute to adverse impacts, especially the dream of youths in a country.

The war on drug and substance abuse has not been easy. For instance, there are rising cases of demands to legalize some illegal drugs. There are some states in the US, such as California, Colorado, and others that have legalized the use of bhang. Based on this, I think that it important for congresspersons to consider sponsoring policies that would aid reduce the risk of the youths being exposed to these drugs and substances.

In conclusion, drug and substance abuse is becoming more common among youths. The use of these drugs and substances not only affect their health but also stop them from pursuing their professional career. Besides, there have been a rising number of deaths due to an overdose of drug and substance. Thus, it is becoming more important to address this issue, especially among the youths who need to focus on their career paths. Due to this, it is important to secure the future of youths by eliminating the use of drugs and substances. Regards and I look forward to hearing from you.

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