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A summary of labor-management concerns in the workplace. Labor management concerns define the consideration that is put in the rules and policies that will govern as well as organize the employment of the employ within a given organization or a business set up. Labor management concerns become of importance to any organization meaning that poor […]


Family in defines a union of father, mother and children who have been joined by marriage as well as share common interest. The parents, spouses, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters define the immediate family. On the other hand, uncles, aunts, grandparents and the in-laws among others defines the extended family. This article, therefore, seeks to […]


Lesson title: Understanding points, lines, rays, angles, triangle and quadrilaterals Date: Standards: Standard four Materials: Number lines, colored pencil or markers and Ruler Content objectives: I can easily apply the use of protector to measure angles, classify angles as well as draw parallel and perpendicular lines. Language objectives: I can write acute, right and obtuse […]


Glider defines a special type of aircraft which does not have an engine. Most of the gliders resemble airplanes and have small auxiliary propulsion plant but have no means of propulsion at all in most cases. Currents the gliders have slender wings as well as streamline body. In addition, the unpowered varieties of gliders are […]

Discoveries that rages from scientific

Discoveries that rages from scientific, political, environmental among others, give new meanings to the world, the readers as well as the area of study to which discoveries are done. In this article, the study emphasizes a theme of enlightenment that occurred in the fourteenth century and the subject of discussion that brings the enlightment is […]

Smart guns

Question one The reasons for the lack of demand (market constant) for smart guns One main reason for the lack of demand for smart guns is due to the safety features of the guns. The smart guns have been manufactured with detectors for fingerprints hence can only be activated as well as operated by only […]

MT460 Management Policy and Strategy

Name of Case Study Company Name: Louis Vuitton company Topic of the Week: Louis Vuitton in Japan Synopsis of the Situation Louis Vuitton is a company that was founded in the year 1854 by Louis Vuitton in France. He started off with developing Canvas Damier Pattern with main agenda of making the company recognized by […]


“The production of reality” is a book that sociologically explain the shared meaning as the basis of humanness. To bring out the reality, this book begins by looking into the response of human beings towards an action directed to them at any given point. This book says that human beings do not act directly towards […]


According to Michael Porter’s theory of 1980 a company for the sake of competitive advantage may apply two types of generic strategy. That is cost and differentiation strategy that is implemented under the human resource strategy within a competitive company. As a cost generic strategy, the company may embark on cost leadership strategy whereby the […]

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