Why agility and collaboration mean the most for me?

What I understand is that agility and collaboration are two terms that mean a lot to my life.  I have always strived to be the best in all the aspects I do, and when I try to think and involve agility and collaboration to my personal initiatives, I always find that I win in the projects.

During my first week at my previous school, I had no idea of developing an effective research paper. There was this project that I was provided by my lecture in class to research about a company corporate social responsibility. In fact, this was to be done through carrying out different surveys and visiting the business’s management team to acquire the accurate information concerning the social responsibility of the enterprise.  I approached the lecturer, and I told him that I lacked ideas of developing an effective research paper. The professor said that I needed to adapt to the changes and enquire from other students on the ways to approach a research paper.

 In this way, I had to adjust to the variations in the way the school functioned; that we should learn from different perspective meaning that the lecture is not the only person who can direct knowledge to you but also other students can be involved. Therefore, I was able to adapt to the changes and in this way I made collaboration with other older students, and they showed me on how to go on with my projects. I came to understand that collaborating with other students during class work and after school can initiate significant knowledge as compared to studying alone. I came to acknowledge a saying that my grandmother would always assert to me that, “Two heads are better than one” and when I collaborated with my friends, I finally got the best marks in the class for the project.  

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